Girls Rocking In The South (GRITS)
Girls Rocking in the South (GRITS) is a mentoring organization serving teenage girls ages 13-18 in Wilmington, NC and surrounding areas. We offer a positive environment for young ladies to openly talk and express themselves about issues that they may face in their lives. We offer monthly workshops that are aimed at girls developing/enhancing self-esteem skills, financial literacy, etiquette, leadership skills, and educational/career development among other topics. We also offer various travel and community service opportunities throughout the year.

Our hope is that every young lady, by giving of their time, efforts, and dedication to the GRITS program, will reap many rewards, such as: leadership opportunities, lifelong relationships, networking opportunities, and most importantly the bond of SISTERHOOD!

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SHE Rocks Teen Empowerment & Business Expo
The She Rocks Teen Empowerment conference is more than a seminar, She Rocks focuses more on empowering teen girls ages 12-19 by teaching them how to create balance in their lives- mentally, physically, and spiritually- as well as address key issues they are facing at home, school, and in the community. Components catering to local, or aspiring teenpreneurs will be available. Advice and teachings will be provided from how to start and and grow your business, to discovering how to utilize creativity for stress relief, to guidance on using social media best to promote their brands effectively and create income.

A little over 100 teen girls from New Hanover, Pender, Brunswick, and surrounding areas attended the expo. Speakers will covered topics ranging from health, STEM, business, fashion/beauty, leadership, and more. Local vendors will be onsite featuring community organizations and teens with products from their businesses.

Bigg B Hip Hop Academy
Inside the Hip Hop Academy, we will teach the history, philosophy and the main elements of Hip Hop Culture to nurture creativity, scholarship, leadership skills and entrepreneurship across generations.

With Students and teachers learning the history of the culture, Students will learn poetry, art, music, math, dance and entrepreneurship. Teachers in the academy will be able to use strands of information to align their core strategies with Hip Hop inside their classrooms.

Our approach is delivering the national scan on the use of Hip-Hop-based education courses and programs to also publish evidence, both qualitative and quantitative, that builds awareness of the validity of Hip-Hop educational practices and combats the bias that Hip-Hop culture is a negative medium through which to engage youth in learning.
In essence, we will be training the next generation of Hip Hop artists, leaders, scholars and entrepreneurs ages 13-19. These young leaders will be exposed to positive hip-hop, poetry, art, beat making, dance, history and professionals in the industry in a summer program that extends throughout the school year.

Ain’t Where You From…(Young Male Mentoring Program)
Is a leadership program for young black men (teens-young adults) in which college preparation, community leadership, and entrepreneurship will be the prime focus along with the promoting positive images of black men and creating a new reality and second chance for those who have made bad decisions and want to turn the bad decision into a positive outcome. This program a referral program from agencies around the city and surrounding areas for those men that need special attention and one on one sessions to help in development.

The EOG (End Of Grade) Tour is a special tour that runs from April until June in New Hanover, Brunswick, Pender and Columbus Counties in which Bigg B, Coast 97.3 special guest DJs and celebs show up to area schools to talk about the importance of testing and give test taking tips. The Assembly is fun filled with games, music and messages of inspiration to students about not being stressed to take tests. If time in the school schedules permits the Tour returns after the test taking and celebrates the end of the year only at the elementary level.

Is a Prevention/diversion program for young adult men ages 16-24. These men have been around at-risk behavior or have been exposed to criminal system negatively. The purpose of the program is to use the negative energies that were used before in their previous circumstances in a positive light. For example, Man Up participants will be in an extensive Entrepreneurship Program in which they will be able to begin a small business. Also, Man Up will focus on investments financially and community based investments back into youth to pay it forward. The Man Up Program welcomes women to help but the issues dealt with will solely focus on Men with mentors in fields they are interested in.