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The 2019 LAH Scholarship Application Process is Now Active

Deadline for Submissions is: April 30, 2019 (link below to apps)

LAH STEM Scholarship ApplicationLAH Non-STEM Scholarship Application


Hurricane Florence Relief Efforts

Thank you to all who have donated to assist in #HurricaneFlorence relief efforts! Because of your donations, we were able to provide school supplies for a local school in need, water and some basic supplies needed for cleaning, and lastly today we were able to provide a new refrigerator to a woman 100 years young who has been without a working refrigerator since the storm. We will continue to assess needs and help where needed because Better is Possible!



What an amazingly blessed event! Lives were changed for the teens as well as the adults! All of our speakers, panelists, entertainers, and vendors were absolutely amazing! Again, we thank The Law Office of Vanessa A. Gonzalez, PLLC & GE Nuclear Wilmington, for sponsoring this event and the Wilmington, NC Police Department for their partnership in this project! Today was simply the start of something beautiful!

We think little girls need to see professional and classy women enjoy life and not be so stiff and unapproachable. The girls knew that they could approach any adult in the room and get advice, seek leadership, and also dance and laugh with them! The energy was like this all day!


Providing Community Support and Personal Development & Empowerment Services